Prepare Lip balm at home


Lip Balm is an essential cosmetic, especially in winter to prevent lips from drying. Because It hurts or even bleeds if your lips get extremely dry. There is an easy way to prepare lip balm at home.

1. Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly
2. Bees wax (grated)
Vitamin E oil (Extracted from the capsule)
3. Two drops of your favorite flavoring oil (Optional, not necessary) Example: Tea tree oil, lemon oil, pepper mint oil or rose oil.

Here’s how
1. Boil water in your double boiler. Add Vaseline and allow it to melt.
2. After Vaseline melts completely add grated bees wax and mix well until both combines well.
3. Finally, add the oil and allow it to cool
4. Fill the balm in a handy tube or box and keep it safe.

Apply the lip balm over your lips whenever you feel dry. Good Luck.


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