Top 5 tips for Long and Strong Nails

Healthy nails are very important for the beauty of our hands. Cracked and damaged nails causes an ugly look. Many people were gifted with healthy nails by nature while few tremble with weak and short nails. Here’s the solution for your weak nails. Follow the tricks mentioned below to grow long and strong nails faster.

1. Take 300 mg of Biotin pills 5 to 6 times a day for really stronger nails (It really works)

2. Zinc is also as effective as Biotin in strengthening nails and making them grow faster.

3. Massage your nails and cuticles twice a day with Vitamin E oil to prevent them from cracking and nourish them well. (Vitamin E oil can be extracted from Vitamin E capsules which are easily available in your nearest pharmacies)

4. Wear plastic gloves while washing dishes, or doing any other work in water. Long time soaking nails in water softens the nails and make them weak.

5. Do manicure at home/ parlor once a week for good nail and cuticle health

That’s all.. I these 5 tips are followed regularly, you can definitely find great improvement in your nail growth and beauty. Good luck.

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