Facial scrub recipes for clean and clear skin

Today I am gonna list few useful facial scrub recipes to cure blemishes, spotted uneven skin tones.  Before trying these scrubs, one should keep in mind that taking care of outside skin only doesn’t clear our skin and make you beautiful. Inner health reflects the outer beauty.  So one should drink at least 2 liters of water a day and include fruits and vegetables in daily diet in order to maintain good skin and outer appearance.

Here are the effective scrub recipes.. (For clean and clear skin)

After eating oranges, collect the orange peels and dry them well. Powder the dries orange peels and store in an airtight container. Mix yogurt/curd with 2 spoons of this orange peel powder to make a paste. 
       Cleanse your face and apply this paste over your skin and gently scrub with your finger tips. Scrub for 5 minutes and then leave the pack over your face for 10 minutes (for the skin to absorb). After that, wash off with clean and cold water.

This one is a simple and as well as nourishing recipe for dry skinned people.
Mix olive oil with sugar and aloevera gel. Scrub your face gently with this mixture and wash off. Sugar is an excellent scrub when aloevera and olive oil moisturizes the skin to prevent it from drying and breaking.

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